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End of updates for Emdebian Grip

I've just stopped the tasks which automated the updates of
unstable-grip. testing-grip has had no updates for some months already.

The mirror push from emdebian.org has also been stopped.

There will be no Emdebian Grip stable release based on Jessie or any
subsequent Debian release.

The reasons are simple:

0: A lack of devices which lack expandable storage

1: Too much work to prepare the updates and make the releases.

98% of the heavy-lifting of preparing the packages was automated.
However, that only provides unstable-grip and the work to create and
maintain testing-grip and thereby reach the point of being able to make
a stable-grip release is simply too much. Each update of testing-grip
would take 2 complete days - about 16 hours. (It couldn't be merged
into one run in one day because some of the processes took several
hours to complete - the 16 hours just counts the amount of time I had
to spend inspecting, fixing and updating packages.

I've got updates for the website and I've already added notices to the

I will be writing to DSA to thank them for the provision of
blavet.debian.org and asking for that machine to be re-tasked or

I would like the Emdebian Grip 3.1 packages to remain on emdebian.org
until Debian removes wheezy from the Debian mirrors which is expected to
happen after the Jessie release when Debian starts preparing for the
Debian release after Jessie. However, I understand if others in
Emdebian want to remove the files before that point. It's probably
worth keeping 3.1 available at least until after the Jessie release

I'll drop unstable-grip and testing-grip in the next few weeks. The two
mirrors are free to retain or drop the files as they see fit. By the
time DebConf14 starts, only stable-grip will be available on

It was fun but the need for Grip has dissolved and there is simply not
enough value left to justify the amount of work involved.


Neil Williams

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