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Re: Some more on gcc for arm

+++ Olaf Rühenbeck [2014-07-06 21:42 +0200]:
> Hey together,
> now I'm subscribed here and I really hope to find a solution here. I am
> actually working on my bachelor thesis and suddenly can't build the
> kernel for my project as the emdebian toolchains for arm seem to be
> broken without any exception whilst my time is running away. So if I
> can do anything to fix this, just give me the word and I will work my
> ass of to accomplish it. Even a tipp how to work around the packages
> would help alot ;) 

The emdebian cross-toolchains are more-or-less abandonned now. We are
working on getting cross-toolchains into the debian archive
instead. Unfortunately there has been a gap into which you have fallen.

There is new cross-toolchain packaging (for multiarch builds) here:

I'm just fixing that so that gcc-4.8 (again) and 4.9 build. 

That won't work without some fixing in stable, I suspect. 

> Since my last mail, I tested all toolchains available in "unstable"
> from emdebian. None of them are installable. :(
> If libgmp3c2 is not missing (when adding a squeeze source), it misses
> libc6 >= 2.14 for binutils. 

cross-binutils is now in the main archive so you can have a nice
current one of those (in unstable).

> For higher versions it just gets worse. I
> can only get gcc-4.5-arm-linux-gnueabi running on debian unstable and I
> cant work with debian unstable as I can not risk to have changes that
> won't allow my profs to test my software. :(

> Well the stable versions are not stable at all :( Can I maybe download
> the package modify it to work without libgmp3c2 ? :/

So you need packages for stable, not for unstable?

You can use the 'buildcross' package in experimental to build new
emdebian-style corss-toolchains in stable. Last time I tried this is
worked very nicely.

So, yes sorry it's all broken. We know. It was working nicely a month or so ago

Manpower is indeed limited, so you are very welcome to join the
cross-toolchain team on alioth and help get things better.

Principal hats:  Linaro, Emdebian, Wookware, Balloonboard, ARM

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