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Some more on gcc for arm

Hey together,

now I'm subscribed here and I really hope to find a solution here. I am
actually working on my bachelor thesis and suddenly can't build the
kernel for my project as the emdebian toolchains for arm seem to be
broken without any exception whilst my time is running away. So if I
can do anything to fix this, just give me the word and I will work my
ass of to accomplish it. Even a tipp how to work around the packages
would help alot ;) 

Since my last mail, I tested all toolchains available in "unstable"
from emdebian. None of them are installable. :(
If libgmp3c2 is not missing (when adding a squeeze source), it misses
libc6 >= 2.14 for binutils. For higher versions it just gets worse. I
can only get gcc-4.5-arm-linux-gnueabi running on debian unstable and I
cant work with debian unstable as I can not risk to have changes that
won't allow my profs to test my software. :(

Well the stable versions are not stable at all :( Can I maybe download
the package modify it to work without libgmp3c2 ? :/

Desperate greetings,


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