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gcc-4.4-arm-linux broken dependencies

Hi there,

I sent the following mail to the gcc maintainers but I thought you
might want to know too.




Hi there,

you are listed as the package maintainers for said package. When adding
the stable repository for debian I get broken dependencies. The same
problem occurs when not using the "stable" symlink but squeeze (as
suggested by the wiki even when working with wheezy) or wheezy.
There is a problem with gcc 4.3 and 4.4, in the following I will list
which problems occur, would you please fix them? The only version of
gcc for arm from emdebian that I could get to work is 4.7 and I would
not want to use that for stable development. 

Thanks alot :)

Btw. if you lack manpower for support on the arm package maintaining for
the crosscompilers, I might get into that as I will be working on a
project that actually needs those packages on a regular stable basis.
So just give me the word ;)


4.3 / 4.4 - squeeze / stable: 
(looks like squeeze is still linked as the stable release o.O)

* cpp-4.x-arm-linux-gnueabi
** libgmp3c2 is UNAVAILABLE

4.3 - wheezy:

* same problem as above with libgmp3c2
* binutils misses libc6 >= 2.14

4.4 - wheezy: 

* binutils missing libc6 >= 2.14
* libgomp1-armel-cross missing gcc-4.8-base-armel-cross

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