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Re: Static compilation: segmentation fault in execution [host=x86_64, target: ia64]

José Luis García Pallero wrote:

> The example I pasted is very simple. I need to compile programs that
> link with recent libraries that are not installed in the ia64 machine.
> For example, libgomp for OpenMP or modern versions of Lapack, PLASMA,
> etc. And install lolaccly all dependencies from source is not an
> option. This is the reason for the static link with the libraries in
> the host machine in which I compile

Can't you install the libraries you use in binary form in some
directory that is in LD_LIBRARY_PATH when you run the "hello" program?

If you have the space for it, another way is to use debootstrap to
make a small Debian installation on the machine where you need to
deploy and chroot in to run your program.

A less extreme approach is to use the LSB toolchain to ensure your
program makes minimal demands on the operating system where it is
deployed, as described here:
I'm not sure if there are LSB cross-compilers available.


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