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Re: Static compilation: segmentation fault in execution [host=x86_64, target: ia64]

Neil Williams wrote:

> Static linking is not fully supported in Debian and therefore Emdebian.
> Sometimes it might work, sometimes it will fail, sometimes it will run
> but give you mysterious issues... "behaviour is undefined".

Just to be clear, modulo bugs, that's not actually the intent in
Debian proper. :)  Otherwise Debian wouldn't have much reason to
provide static libraries at all.  I suspect that when a package
provides a broken static lib that most maintainers would not mind
either a patch to fix it or a patch to remove the static lib.

> Then why bother with static linking in the first place?
> ia64 packages still exist in Debian, so why stick with the old
> versions? Replace what you have with updated packages. Older versions
> will be available via archive.debian.org.

This is good advice anyway.


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