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Re: cross-compiler for powerpc

On Tue, 31 Jul 2012 10:13:21 +0100
Neil Williams <codehelp@debian.org> wrote:

> Use the -m switch to xapt when there are packages which are Multi-Arch
> compliant in the dependency chain.

This did work, so far.

> If these are omissions in the wiki page, feel free to update the wiki
> page.

I tried to do so, but couldn't find the edit-button.

For someone more wiki-proficient then me, here are the changes I would

- in order to install the basic gcc, mention that -gnueabi is no
  consistently used across the architectures and that in case of doubt,
  an apt-cache search for that architecture, and within, for gcc or g++
  may help. If this is a sid-installation, the repository for squeeze
  (the regular one, not that of emdebian) is needed.

- although a link to backport instructions is provided, adding a
  line like

        deb http://backports.debian.org/debian-backports \
                squeeze-backports main

  may be helpful for people already having many pages open.

Probably not necessary to mention, that xapt needs -m for sid, unless
the reader is as ignorant as myself not knowing what is wheezy.

> There is a lot more going on here than you may expect

I did expect troubles heading my chair, so I'm very grateful for
debian's efforts.

> and building cross-toolchains on sid is probably best left to
> Thibault for genuine Multi-Arch support.

I will have a look at Thibault which I didn't even notice when googling
for cross-compiling under debian. OTOH, I would have expected new things
to work on sid before on squeeze.

> If you just want a cross-compiler for powerpc, forget sid. Uses
> Squeeze, build for squeeze and xapt doesn't need to look at
> Multi-Arch. 

Cross-compiling for powerpc is not my main activity on this computer.
Also, the -m switch almost worked, but it seems that dependencies are
not followed (as on squeeze), so in order to get libpq, I'll have to
prepare a libssl, etc. Adding these libraries manually did the trick.
So, here is one more happy debian user.

Thanks for your time,


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