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Re: gcc-4.7 and libgomp1 in unstable

+++ Domenico Andreoli [2012-06-29 18:04 +0200]:
> On Fri, Jun 29, 2012 at 04:44:44PM +0200, Vincent Besse wrote:
> > Hello,
> > I'm new to Emdebian so maybe is it a known issue but I've been unable
> > to find any info. Maybe too this list is not the right place to report
> > this but what should be reported with reportbug, what can take place
> > here, what should be somwhere else, all that is not yet very clear for
> > me.
> I think these packages are built and uploaded manually. I would be happy
> to update them but how to upload?

Neil has explained why these packages are often uninstallable. Anyone
who can help out with keeping the cross-toolchains building for as
many architectures as possible is very welcome to help.

We currently have two threads to maintain. The existing toolchains
in the emdebian archive built with buildcross/paamboli and the new toolchains
ThibG is working on. Failure to build problems will probably affect

People with an interest in cross-toolchains _other_ than armel and
armhf are particularly welcome as those are usually the ones that are
broken. :-)

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