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Re: gcc-4.7 and libgomp1 in unstable

On Fri, Jun 29, 2012 at 04:44:44PM +0200, Vincent Besse wrote:
> Hello,


> libgomp1-armel-cross in unstable depends on
> gcc-4.7-base-armel-cross(=4.7.1-2) but the package in the repository is
> gcc-4.7-base-armel-cross_4.7.0-9. This prevents installation of any
> gcc-4.x-arm-linux-gnueabi :(

yep, happens all the time

> I'm new to Emdebian so maybe is it a known issue but I've been unable
> to find any info. Maybe too this list is not the right place to report
> this but what should be reported with reportbug, what can take place
> here, what should be somwhere else, all that is not yet very clear for
> me.

I think these packages are built and uploaded manually. I would be happy
to update them but how to upload?


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