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Re: Is emdebian repo broken?

On Mon, 30 May 2011 15:29:12 +0400
"Dmitry E. Oboukhov" <unera@debian.org> wrote:

> > Sid itself is always problematic because new versions of critical
> > packages get uploaded independently
> Of course, I agree all You said.
> But in Sid such cases lead us to RC bugreports.

Only for Debian packages. Cross-compilers are not subject to RC bugs
because they are not (yet) part of Debian. Any issue of any severity
which only affects cross-building will have ZERO impact on normal
Debian processes like migration into testing and release quality. New
versions of the compiler and related packages will be uploaded without
any requirement that building a cross toolchain with that version has
even been attempted. The same versions will migrate into testing and
will even get released as a stable release without any regard to
whether a cross-compiler exists at that version. It's only due to the
work done by Emdebian people that Lenny and Squeeze even have
installable cross-compilers. In many ways, distracting those same
people into chasing a constantly moving target which we cannot delay or
affect is counter productive.

All this thread does is make it harder to ensure that we end up with
stable, reliable, installable toolchains in Wheezy.

> I opened the thread after a few weeks of the problem was.
> :)

It can take several months to fix build issues with making a new
cross-compiler from a new compiler version.

Cross-compilers in testing and unstable are nice to have but the work
is too complex and too large to make any promises that a toolchain
other than the one in stable is ever going to be reliably installable.

In effect, we only have cross compilers in testing and unstable because
it helps make it possible to have a stable, reliable, installable cross
toolchain in testing by the time we actually get to a Debian stable

Use toolchains from stable - THAT is where all the effort reaps rewards.

Please don't distract people into trying to fix the unfixable.

What we need is time to work on methods of getting cross-compilers
built within Debian and that work is ongoing. The more time is wasted
on getting a working cross-compiler for every compiler version ever
uploaded to unstable or testing (when, by definition, only one version
will actually end up in wheezy) the WORSE it will be for everyone
because Debian WILL release with or without a cross-compiler toolchain.

Stable is the priority. Second priority is getting the cross-compilers
built within Debian. Cross-compilers in testing and unstable are only a
means to an end and cannot be allowed to distract developers from
achieving the primary and secondary objectives.


Neil Williams

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