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Re: Areas of Emdebian to integrate into Debian

On 4/04/2011 6:26 PM, Nick Bane wrote:
Note also that Debian boots via an initramfs/initrd with all(?) modules installed which it then replaces with the rootfs. This makes the image rather large and possibly not ideal for embedded - do we need all the LVM/RAID/SCSI module bloat just to boot our embedded device? Balloon solves this by booting a uclibc kernel/initramfs with a reduced module set off which it kexecs the main rootfs.

I've seen other distros also use the kernel with uclibc initramfs, then switch/mount rootfs using glibc. It obviously works but it makes me feel uneasy. I'd feel more comfortable if the same libraries were in initramfs and main rootfs. Indeed it may be that the external fs does not even have libc and other necessary boot files. They could stay as part of the initramfs and the external fs could have everything else. Yes ??


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