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Re: AT91SAM9263-EK or similar

Quoting ed <enelson1000@comcast.net>:
I have a AT91SAM9G20 board with 64MB RAM and 256MB Flash.
Is this enough space for Debian?

Yes, but of course it depends on your application.
The system itself fits and still leaves space for your stuff.

Also would like to have Python. No graphics need as this chip does not
support it.

Same as us. Be aware, that Python seems to eat a lot of RAM.
Maybe a little bit more on ARM than on i386, I don't know why.
I hope, you don't need to many Python processes in parallel.

Is there link to a site that shows what steps you took to get Debian on
an AT91?

No, because this depends a lot on your specific board.

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