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Re: AT91SAM9263-EK or similar

On Tue, 07 Dec 2010 17:37:48 -0800
ed <enelson1000@comcast.net> wrote:

> > Main questions to consider for you:
> >   - How much RAM do you have?
> >   - How much flash or disk space?
> Martin
> I have a AT91SAM9G20 board with 64MB RAM and 256MB Flash.
> Is this enough space for Debian?

Yes. Emdebian Grip will easily fit a fully usable console environment
in 100-150Mb, Debian would be 200-240Mb. (Alsa, pango, locales all in
120Mb installed).

> Also would like to have Python. No graphics need as this chip does not
> support it.

Add 25Mb or more for Python on Emdebian Grip, 40Mb for python from Debian.

Just as well. Graphics within 256Mb storage is challenging. Well for
Debian/Emdebian currently anyway.


Neil Williams

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