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Re: Cross-compiling for powerpcspe


2010/10/29 David Kuehling <dvdkhlng@gmx.de>:
>  - I wonder what's required to get a pre-build powerpcspe
>   cross-toolchain into Emdebian?  Current gcc-4.4 from Sid seems to
>   work fine.  Would be happy to supply patches if somebody could state
>   what else needs to be done.

We are in the process to bring to emdebian.org armhf and powerpcspe
ports. In the meanwhile processes are running on a machine on my home
DSL network, we are looking for a better hosting for a
buildd.emdebian.org machine.

>  - Installing a sysroot via apt-cross is somewhat difficult for
>   powerpcspe since it requires installing packages from both 'sid' and
>   'unreleased' suites.  Apt-cross can only use one suite at a time, and
>   doing alternating installs from 'sid' and 'unreleased' requires
>   properly selecting package order and causes all kind of dependency
>   problems.  Any known workaround for that?

Besides installation issues (`apt-cross' to be removed) toolchains are
not configured with sysroot support, but it should be possible to
build them exporting WITH_SYSROOT (and WITH_BUILD_SYSROOT) enviroment

You should also be able to build gcc-4.5 in `experimental'.

Best regards,
 Héctor Orón

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