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Re: Re: Emdebian native build on PPC?

Hello Neil, Wookey,

Thanks for you comments - they helped me.

I'm sorry I'm bit late with the reply - I expected it will be copied to
my original email, as well?

> On Mon, 6 Sep 2010 16:20:55 +0400
> Sergei Poselenov <sposelenov@emcraft.com> wrote:
> > Hello all,
> > 
> > I have a question regarding the use of the emdebian-tools in the native
> > build environment.
> There's no point in using emdebian-tools natively. Just use
> dpkg-buildpackage as normal and then post-process using emgrip if
> necessary. Alternatively, if you want the busybox based system without
> perl, you should use the existing packages from Crush as source
> packages for your own native builds so that you get the patches already
> applied.

Ah, I see now. Grip just repackages, not rebuilds with reduced configuraton.

> > We are going to build our own PowerPC distribution (targeting a
> > embedded system) based on the Emdebian package customization
> > (DEB_VENDOR, etc). However, as fas I understood the Emdebian concept,
> > it is a cross-build system, running on top of the standard Debian
> > distribution, installed on a host.
> Crush is a cross-build, Grip is built from natively built packages. The
> experiments with Crush would have bolted the Grip process onto the end
> of the cross build which also allows the same process to be used for
> native builds.
> > From my past experience with the cross-toolchains and cross-builds, I
> > remember how painful could be a build process (used Den Kegel
> > crosstool scripts to build a toolchain; libtool-based packages was the
> > real problem to build in cross).
> Compared to the pain of waiting for native builds....
> > Can I use the benefits of the native PowerPC build system
> > (emdebian-tools, right?) 
> emdebian-tools only worked for Lenny and only for a small number of
> packages - many of which only cross-build at the versions that were in
> Lenny. If you try a rebuild from the Emdebian Crush source packages,
> you will get the original Lenny versions, not the updated ones with
> security fixes etc. and you will be locked into those versions forever.


> If you can live with coreutils and perl, just use Emdebian Grip.

Yes, we are planning to use coreutils and perl, but we don't want
full-size packages configurations - with Xorg libraries, for example.
I guess, Grip (being the only repack of Debian packages) will still have
this "fat" configuration.

What do you think?

BTW, how can I get a list of Debian (Grip, Crush) packages for PPC?
I see they seems to be here http://www.emdebian.org/grip/search.php, but
hidden under sections, and only "armel" are available.


> > to rebuild the Emdebian distribution (the
> > target part of it) with my changes in package list, packages
> > configurations, install scripts, etc?
> If you want a system without perl and coreutils, based on busybox etc.,
> then you are going to have to do most of that work all over again for
> yourself.
> > My plan is to run the emdebian-tools on a PowerPC system (a fast
> > powerpc board with NFS-mounted Debian rootfs) to produce a PowerPC
> > target distribution packages. In this way I hope I'll be able to
> > simplify the build of the target components.
> > 
> > Any suggestions/comments are welcome.
> > 
> > Regards and thanks in advance,
> > Sergei
> Or just use Emdebian Grip powerpc archives as is.
> Can you use coreutils and perl or must you have busybox?
> -- 
> Neil Williams

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