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Re: Emdebian native build on PPC?

On Mon, 6 Sep 2010 16:20:55 +0400
Sergei Poselenov <sposelenov@emcraft.com> wrote:

> Hello all,
> I have a question regarding the use of the emdebian-tools in the native
> build environment.

There's no point in using emdebian-tools natively. Just use
dpkg-buildpackage as normal and then post-process using emgrip if
necessary. Alternatively, if you want the busybox based system without
perl, you should use the existing packages from Crush as source
packages for your own native builds so that you get the patches already

> We are going to build our own PowerPC distribution (targeting a
> embedded system) based on the Emdebian package customization
> (DEB_VENDOR, etc). However, as fas I understood the Emdebian concept,
> it is a cross-build system, running on top of the standard Debian
> distribution, installed on a host.

Crush is a cross-build, Grip is built from natively built packages. The
experiments with Crush would have bolted the Grip process onto the end
of the cross build which also allows the same process to be used for
native builds.
> From my past experience with the cross-toolchains and cross-builds, I
> remember how painful could be a build process (used Den Kegel
> crosstool scripts to build a toolchain; libtool-based packages was the
> real problem to build in cross).

Compared to the pain of waiting for native builds....
> Can I use the benefits of the native PowerPC build system
> (emdebian-tools, right?) 

emdebian-tools only worked for Lenny and only for a small number of
packages - many of which only cross-build at the versions that were in
Lenny. If you try a rebuild from the Emdebian Crush source packages,
you will get the original Lenny versions, not the updated ones with
security fixes etc. and you will be locked into those versions forever.

If you can live with coreutils and perl, just use Emdebian Grip.

> to rebuild the Emdebian distribution (the
> target part of it) with my changes in package list, packages
> configurations, install scripts, etc?

If you want a system without perl and coreutils, based on busybox etc.,
then you are going to have to do most of that work all over again for
> My plan is to run the emdebian-tools on a PowerPC system (a fast
> powerpc board with NFS-mounted Debian rootfs) to produce a PowerPC
> target distribution packages. In this way I hope I'll be able to
> simplify the build of the target components.
> Any suggestions/comments are welcome.
> Regards and thanks in advance,
> Sergei

Or just use Emdebian Grip powerpc archives as is.

Can you use coreutils and perl or must you have busybox?


Neil Williams

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