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Re: Policy changes which completely break apt-cross

On 06/29/2010 02:14 PM, Neil Williams wrote:

My recommendation for a solution is to teach pbuilder how to resolve
cross dependencies and stop installing -cross packages outside a
chroot. We tried it, it is/was painful - let's learn the lesson, not
repeat previous mistakes.

How would the replacement of apt-cross and dpkg-cross affect building the cross compiler from scratch? I'd hate to see those packages go away completely, since I currently use them specifically to build toolchains in conjunction with a modification of the formula here http://wiki.debian.org/EmdebianToolchain under the 'Build your own from sources' heading. I do this instead of anything more pre-packaged or automated (like using the precompiled toolchains or emchain), since I need to create a Debian compatible cross compiler that can live and work outside the Debian environment. This is for the purpose of supporting a generic software development environment to compile code to run on my target device in a Debian environment that is not itself a Debian package. For reasons beyond my control, this environment is not and cannot easily be made a Debian environment, but it certainly can benefit from using the excellent Debian cross toolchains.

I really benefit from leveraging the Emdebian toolchains. I perform a customization that allows me to compile the toolchain to run from using an alternate installation prefix directory that is under /opt/... instead of /usr/... My process uses apt-cross and dpkg-cross to get the crossed libraries needed in order to compile binutils and gcc packages (with makefiles slightly modified to achieve the alternate prefix installation directory). In fact there are just a few very generic variable modifications necessary to the binutils and gcc rules makefiles to achieve the alternate prefix support, and I was thinking of providing the diffs back to the binutils and GCC packages in case they could be incorporated and of use to others wishing do do the same kind of thing. If anyone is interested I can post the diffs here and would appreciate feedback on how best to submit them upstream.


-Jim Heck

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