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Re: Policy changes which completely break apt-cross


On Tue, Jun 29, 2010 at 12:05:31PM +0100, Neil Williams wrote:

> > Can apt-cross be made to download the Contents file and use that to
> > check whether a package contains useful files?

> No. The definition of "useful files" is only within the remit of
> dpkg-cross and dpkg-cross can (and does) change the meaning of the term
> without regard to apt-cross.

The decision is made on the system that also runs dpkg-cross though --
so some sort of "query mode" where apt-cross asks dpkg-cross whether it
would find any of the files in a given list "useful" could work (i.e.
when looking at a dependency, it will extract the file list for that
package from the Contents file, query dpkg-cross, and add the package to
the install or the exclude set.

> > This is what I'm using to
> > generate the packages in "cross-repo", and that has been mostly
> > successful (it even handles the "flex" package correctly).

> Mostly successful is what we have currently with apt-cross, so that is
> no improvement.

Right, but this is about avoiding a regression.

> apt-cross will continue to be mostly successful in
> Squeeze and Sid for some time to come, but for those dependency chains
> where it fails, the failure cannot be fixed.

I'm suggesting how it could be fixed at the additional expense of
downloading Contents files (or speculatively downloading packages).

> This is about resolving dependencies, especially between suites. The
> cross-repo stuff is single suite.

If a dependency specification accepts packages from multiple suites,
then it is allowed to pick any of them; if one is empty post-conversion
and the other is not, then that is an error in the package's dependency
specification, or in the filter used to select files, neither of which
is apt-cross's responsibility.


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