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Re: Experiments with Crush

On Sat, 13 Mar 2010 21:08:49 +0000
Neil Williams <codehelp@debian.org> wrote:

I've prepared a shortlist of packages that will need functional changes
in Crush:

busybox 	Needs massive config changes to be bootable
curl 		(disable ldap and ssh support, remove ca-certs)
debconf 	(cdebconf support)
dpkg 		(needs to predepend on busybox)
gconf 		(remove ldap)
hal 		(remove smbios)
libidl 		(remove cpp dependency)
gnome-vfs 	(remove samba dependency)
gnupg 		(disable ldap)
openssh 	(grep -x)
sysvinit 	(perl maintainer scripts)
udev 		(kill -s)
xfonts-base 	(reduce number of default fonts)
xorg 		(fmt used in maintainer scripts)
xorg-server 	(disable GLX)

Of those, debconf is meant to be being fixed as DI finally switch to
cdebconf but that isn't going to happen for Squeeze. openssh, udev and
xorg are the real issues - having to cross-build those merely to
remove/reimplement options that the busybox version of grep cannot
support is a real PITA.

Need further testing
avahi		[0]
base-files	(mawk usage in maintainer scripts)
fontconfig	(bash postinst / defoma)
pam 		(bash postinst)

[0] I thought avahi would be one that would have to be changed but it's
possible that the package is currently split well enough that the
binary packages we need can be filtered from the ones we don't.

The shortlist is subject to change because some dependencies have
transitioned to new packages which were not cross-built for Crush 1.0.

For the list to get this small, certain wrapper and helper scripts will
be implemented - almost all as empty scripts that accept any and all
arguments, good or bad, and which never, ever, ever exit non-zero.

adduser (and permutations)

install-info is already fixed.

If packages use these scripts in Debian, multistrap configurations will
HAVE to pre-empt the configuration that would have been performed by
these scripts.

When packages are brought in from Grip, a lintian check can be
implemented to look for problems like using dpkg-divert with files
in /usr/bin - adding that package to the Crush shortlist so that the
diversions can be patched out or Conflicts: added. Diversions relating
to files that are removed by Grip anyway can be ignored.


Neil Williams

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