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Re: glibc or eglibc in emdebian squeeze

Hello Javier,

Nice to hear from you :-)
Sorry it took sometime to answer you. It is great to hear that you
want to go [em]Debian way, I am positive that Debian community will be
happy to work with you if you plan to give back to the community.

2010/2/18 Javier Viguera <javier.viguera@digi.com>:
> Could you confirm whether emdebian squeeze (testing) is using/will use glibc
> or eglibc and what version?

emdebian is Debian based, so it uses whatever Debian uses, at the
moment eglibc and no plans to change that in near future. There has
been plans to support uclibc based toolchain and maybe a [em]debian
port but the second part it is not likely to happen any soon. This
does not mean you can not have a uClibc port for your needs, it is
posible and it has been done (as proof of concept, also using in in
production system) by many people, a good reference is slind.org

> I am using crosstool-ng to build a toolchain for our ARMEL based modules and
> want to use the same version of the library used by emdebian, so we have the
> maximal compatibility to run our soft on a emdebian-based rootfs.

You are free to use whatever you want, but for better emdebian
experience, it is recommended to use emdebian toolchain, you can read
wiki[1] pages on the topic and maybe help on the uclibc port?

AFAICT crosstool-ng not yet has support for eglibc, but glibc and
eglibc are basically the same (compatible) thing, it is just eglibc
applying some patches over glibc HEAD for easier integration.

[1] wiki.debian.org/EmdebianToolchain

> @for Hector Oron: i have already changed from buildroot to crosstool-ng for
> the toolchain. The idea is to have two different toolchains: one base on
> uclibc for the NetSilicons (ns9xxx) and samsung s3c2443 and the glibc/eglibc
> one for the new MX51.

We had a recent meeting among embedded distributions at FOSDEM[2] to
collaborate on the domains we can collaborate. There are very good
things coming up. Also if you use crosstool-ng you might want to know
that we are working to bring crosstool-ng scripts to debian as well,
but if you want to use emdebian, better to follow emdebian way
(developing, fixing, ... toolchains, rootfs, etc...)

[2] http://www.send-patches.org/news/20100211-1-FOSDEM-Crossdev-Workshop.pdf

> By the way we still do those mega-brunchs on engineers
> birthdays.

Great! Maybe you want to sponsor one of those mega-brunchs with few
emdebian developers? (Maybe we could have a worksession at your place
for better integration experience)

Best regards,
 Héctor Orón

"Our Sun unleashes tremendous flares expelling hot gas into the Solar
System, which one day will disconnect us."

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