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glibc or eglibc in emdebian squeeze

Hi all

Just a quick question.

Could you confirm whether emdebian squeeze (testing) is using/will use glibc or eglibc and what version?

I am using crosstool-ng to build a toolchain for our ARMEL based modules and want to use the same version of the library used by emdebian, so we have the maximal compatibility to run our soft on a emdebian-based rootfs.

@for Hector Oron: i have already changed from buildroot to crosstool-ng for the toolchain. The idea is to have two different toolchains: one base on uclibc for the NetSilicons (ns9xxx) and samsung s3c2443 and the glibc/eglibc one for the new MX51. By the way we still do those mega-brunchs on engineers birthdays.


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