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Re: glibc or eglibc in emdebian squeeze

On Thu, 18 Feb 2010 12:44:17 +0100
Javier Viguera <javier.viguera@digi.com> wrote:

> Just a quick question.
> Could you confirm whether emdebian squeeze (testing) is using/will use 
> glibc or eglibc and what version?

Emdebian Crush is stuck on Lenny which is glibc, there are no Squeeze
packages for Crush.

Emdebian Grip squeeze is binary compatible with Debian squeeze and
therefore transitioned to eglibc at the same time as Debian. Barring
short delays between new versions of eglibc arriving in Debian and
being updated in Emdebian Grip, it is the same version in all
distributions (lenny, squeeze and sid). Once Debian Squeeze goes into
release freeze, Emdebian Grip Squeeze will be frozen at the same

The source package name changed but the binary package names did not


Squeeze and Sid packages for Emdebian Grip:

Lenny packages for Emdebian Grip:


Neil Williams

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