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Re: can not install cross toolchain

+++ Hector Oron [2010-02-16 14:14 +0100]:
> Hello Wookey,
> 2010/2/16 Wookey <wookey@wookware.org>:
> > Unfortunately Ubuntu is not compatible with Debian in the toolchain
> > area. They made some changes to how the compiler is built (to do with
> > libssp IIRC) which mean that toolchains built for Debian don't install.
> I have installed 'lenny' cross toolchain in an Ubuntu environment
> without any issue. Toolchain binaries are independent from system
> binaries. :-)

Oh. OK. This used to be a problem, but I'm pleased to hear it works now.

> Currently, for next release work we are sharing efforts. See Loïc
> Minier (lool) ppa at launchpad,
>   https://launchpad.net/~lool/+archive/ppa
> They enable smash stacking protection and they might default to armv7
> (I do not know this for sure, but karmic is armv7). So work it is in
> progress to fit multiarch, sysroot, and fullfil all debian/ubuntu
> architectures plus exotic ones. It is just a matter of free time
> dedicated to this goal.

Marvellous. This is how it is supposed to work :-)

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