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Re: ETA for toolchains for squeeze?

Hector Oron wrote:
> Hello Bill,
> Currently amd64 is affected by some bug on binutils, preventing to
> compile gcc, see binutils thread[1].

Will do.

In that thread, there is this post:


Which suggests this is actually a Debian problem, and not a binutils one.

> Testing handling is work in progress, not priority at the moment for
> lack of time. Developer time is welcome towards having a working in
> unstable cross toolchain.

I'll read that as "patches welcome".  :)  Point noted.

> As a user or commercial development, clearly lenny should be used.

Generally speaking, I agree.  But it turns out in this case, I had to
bump up to squeeze for other, non-emdebian-related reasons.  So now I'm
stuck in that no-man's land between releases.

> You should not be mixing debian/testing with emdebian/sid, but
> emdebian/testing (not much supported atm)

Yea, I figured you'd bust me for that one.  :)

> I could try to get in shape testing toolchains on amd64 if you are
> willing to contribute testing them as a user, but modify sid by
> testing on the sources.list file.

Ok, I'll give that a try.

> Kind regards :-)

Thanks for the quick response, and keep up the great work!  You guys are
spoiling me!!  :)


Bill Gatliff

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