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Re: package requests for grip

On Sat, 29 Aug 2009 19:30:45 +1200
Donald Gordon <don@dis.org.nz> wrote:

> Asterisk is in comm; dnsmasq is in net; ruby is in interpreters; 
> libxmlrpc-c3 and libpcap0.8 are in libs.  T
> > Please send me the raw dpkg output as an attachment.
> >   
> Attached. 

Added. Please allow a day or so for the repository changes to settle
out, there may be missing source packages, missing transitions or
missing dependencies initially. Newly added packages will migrate into
Squeeze in due course.

Wookey: I've also added the aspire-list that you sent me a while ago.

The question arises: which kernels do we want in Grip?

linux-latest-2.6 is a metapackage, of the kernels built from that
source, which ones do we want (there are 97 binaries!).

One thing that Grip is currently not doing well is tracking removals
from Debian. If people notice obsolete packages, please file bugs
against buildd.emdebian.org.

> apt-grip is neat but my grip machine has insufficient disk to use it, alas.

emdebian-grip 2.2.1 will include support that could help here:

"If the device running Grip has insufficient space to download and
process the package(s), run apt-grip on a different machine of the
same architecture using both the --build-only and --keep-cache
options. The processed archives will be in
/var/lib/apt-grip/archives/ and can be copied from there onto the
device directly or by including the packages into a locally accessible
repository. Once installed on the Grip device use apt-grip -c on the
build machine to clear the cache. Using --build-only implies

$ sudo apt-grip -k -b PACKAGES....
copy/publish the archives
install on the grip machine
$ sudo apt-grip -c

If -b was to be used without -k, the built packages would be removed
immediately after being built and without being installed, so apt-grip
sets -k if -b is already set.

To get the same effect with the current apt-grip, just comment out the
call to dpkg -i:

system ("dpkg -i ${dir}output/*.deb")

Then use apt-grip with the -k option on a machine with enough space,
copy the built packages onto the Grip device, install and use the -c
option to cleanup on the build machine.


Neil Williams

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