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Re: package requests for grip

On Sat, 29 Aug 2009 16:58:54 +1200
Donald Gordon <don@dis.org.nz> wrote:

> Hi
> The emdebian.org site suggests posting the result of dpkg 
> --get-selections to this list to request packages to be gripped.  I 

Attaching the raw output makes things a lot easier for me than putting
the list of packages inside the body of an email. I have scripts that
can parse the output directly and add the packages.

> can't actually see any evidence of this being done recently on the list, 

There were quite a few lists posted initially but only now am I in a
position to really add all these packages due to improvements in the
emdebian-grip-server package.

> but in my efforts to shoehorn asterisk, ruby, dnsmasq, and others into 
> 128MB of flash, I needed the packages listed below.

When adding entire new areas of functionality, it would also be useful
if you could indicate whether the new packages are in (or a number of
them are in) a particular Section: of the Debian archive. I'll adapt
the script to look for this information as well.

Please send me the raw dpkg output as an attachment.

> I have a query about the emdebian packages in squeeze/sid: there's some 
> sort of "em_autogrip" that sounds like it would be awfully useful to 
> "grip" some of these packages myself -- but I can't actually work out 
> how to do this with the supplied documentation for the tool.  Any 
> suggestions would be gratefully recieved.

em_autogrip is part of the emdebian-grip-server package which should
give you the hint that it runs on an Emdebian Grip server - i.e. a
machine with lots of disc space running and maintaining a repository
of all packages, all architectures. You don't want this on your Emdebian
Grip machine because the initial repository setup alone takes up 9Gb.
em_autogrip needs to run as an ongoing cron task (a suitable script is
included in the package) and creates an apt repository suitable for use
by machines running Emdebian Grip.

em_autogrip (1)
em_autogrip - create and maintain an Emdebian Grip repository

$ apt-cache show emdebian-grip-server
Description: server-side support for Emdebian Grip
 Provides server-side scripts to manage and update
 the conversion of Debian packages into 'gripped' packages
 that have no Debian documentation, manpages or infopages.

If you have a lot of packages to add, centred on a particular area of
functionality or maybe an internal set of packages, use
emdebian-grip-server to host your own repository and scripts like
multistrap to add that repository to your installed Grip machines from
the start. You don't have to support all packages or all architectures
in your own repository. The scripts will try and help you create a
reprepro setup that you can then tweak.

The emdebian-grip package is intended for use on machines running
Emdebian Grip to support adding small numbers of packages (i.e. half
a dozen) and building custom packages on Grip. (It is also used on the
server - em_autogrip just gets the relevant files and manages reprepro,
emgrip does the processing.)

$ apt-cache show emdebian-grip
Description: support for the Grip flavour of Emdebian
 Supports on-the-fly conversion of regular Debian packages
 into 'gripped' packages that have no Debian documentation,
 manpages or infopages using DEB_BUILD_OPTIONS.

emgrip-build (1)
apt-grip (1)

emgrip-build is like debuild - a wrapper around dpkg-buildpackage that
"grips" the built package, you still need the normal build-dependencies
installed. i.e. it is akin to using debuild and then emgrip foo.changes.

apt-grip - adding packages to your one installation of Grip that are
not part of the current Grip distribution. There are limitations to how
this can work (particularly related to adding a -dev package when the
library is installed from Grip) but it does mean that you don't need to
carry all the Debian Packages files in /var/lib/apt/lists/ or expand
your main apt cache in /var/cache/apt/ with all the Debian packages. The
Debian files are downloaded temporarily for this one operation and then
discarded. (You need enough temporary space to allow for unpacking
the .deb as well as for downloading the Debian packages files.)
apt-grip cannot cope with architecture changes - the machine running
apt-grip needs to be the same architecture as the machine due to
install the gripped package. (This is because apt-grip needs to
understand the dependencies that also need to be processed.) apt-grip
lives in /usr/sbin/ so needs sudo or equivalent.

emgrip is the lowest part of the chain, called by all the others to
actually remove the files from the packages.

Early days, these scripts are new and still evolving. If the website /
manpages / package descriptions are unclear, file bugs (with patches
where possible).


Neil Williams

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