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Re: Crush 2.0 abandoned

Wookey wrote:
I know it feels like Debian proper hasn't really made his job as easy
as it could be, but in fact I was struck at Debconf9 this time how
much the general vibe has changed since Debconf5. Wanting to
cross-build for arm is no longer some completely fringe activity.
Installing dev stuff for multiple architectures is now mainstream.
When proposing whacky things like cross-installing and corresponding
meta-data I get a serious hearing now, rather than being
entirely ignored.

I can't help but think that as non-x86 netbooks and Android-based machines continue to grow in popularity, the need for the cross-platform capabilities of Debian in general and emdebian in particular will become even more apparent.

Already, the combination has totally transformed a lot of how I do my work. I haven't created my own rootfs in ages, and I've nearly forgotten how to build a cross compiler! (And that isn't a complaint, I assure you).

Debian and emdebian are truly defining the leading edge of cross-platform development and deployment. And I really, REALLY like what I'm seeing from these two projects. It's good stuff!


Bill Gatliff

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