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Cross Toolchains "Squeeze" Release Goals

Hello everybody,

  I need to apologize once again for having toolchains in a bad state in
the repository, but I have been on vacations, we are running out disk
space on the server, and too many things are evolving fast for me.

  During DebCamp/DebConf, Simon, Matthias and I had a meeting on having
cross toolchains into Debian proper which will help to have a better
sync. We have a visualization graph plan[1], thanks to Jonas.

  We plan to introduce later armel cross compilers for ({i386,amd64})
arches. And later on we'll see how it performs and what are others needs
 in Debian for cross compilers (powerpc, mips, mipsel, *???)
We will keep our development stuff and the rest of binaries in Emdebian

  As the world evolves, we have many ways to do things:
  1) Current cross building framework under /usr/$DEB_HOST_GNU_TYPE/
  2) Sysrooted framework (upstream way)
  3) Multiarch framework (debian way)

  We would also like to have uClibc cross toolchain and other toolchains
for exotic architectures, sh4, avr32, ... (coming up in the Debian
world). For such operations, we need to bootstrap a toolchain without
{apt,dpkg}-cross and from sources.

  So, we are currently working on it, implementing the three stage
bootstrap compiler and removing {apt,dpkg}-cross dependencies. Also we
are adding sysroot and multiarch bits for future use. As well as
figuring out uClibc bits with Simon, Ron and Bernhard help.

  For Squeeze I would just focus on 1) & 2) and leave multiarch cross
toolchains for later work.

  Those are more or less my plans, but there was Ludovic Brenta also
interested on having a gnat cross compiler for armel, which I am unsure
if there has been any progress towards this direction.

	-- Héctor Orón
		Small is beautiful!

P.S.- If you have comments, please comment!

[1] http://www.emdebian.org/~zumbi/docs/deps.pdf

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