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Re: Grip, components and Sections


En/na Neil Williams ha escrit:
> So 'kde' could be handled in the same way as xfce or gnome.

> I'm undecided whether to enable 'xfce' for www.emdebian.org/grip or
> whether to leave xfce as the de facto default and offer other
> environments as their own components. I'm also undecided whether Grip
> ever wants a complete KDE or complete GNOME environment or whether we
> offer some GNOME/KDE packages to complement the more slimline apps from
> other environments.

> Comments?

What about 'lxde', could it be default on grip? It is becoming very popular.

If you try current 'lxde' in unstable is waiting for a package in the
new queue, but thanks to andrew lee, you can find missing debs at:

		-- Héctor Orón

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