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Re: Grip, components and Sections

On Sat, 8 Aug 2009 10:13:16 +0100
Neil Williams <codehelp@debian.org> wrote:

> I'm looking at extending this to make it easier to handle a larger
> number of packages as well as making the relocation easier to
> understand.
> It's a simple change in the code, instead of always setting '-C main'
> when calling reprepro, I'd call '-C $section' where $section holds the
> name of the Section: listed for that package in the Debian Packages
> file (this uses the overrides set by ftpmaster.debian.org, not
> necessarily the value encoded in the debian/control file within the
> sources).

Hmmm, a few problems with this approach.

1. Sections are going away but nobody is entirely sure exactly when -
one estimate (by Joerg Jaspert) was lenny+2

2. Sections are not particularly rigorous - xulrunner-1.9 is in devel
which means anyone wanting to run iceweasel would need the dev

The first problem means that any changes made now will need to be
revisited to obtain the relevant data from a different source, when the
Section field is dropped.

The second problem can be handled with overrides:

$ cat $path/grip/conf/override.sid.main 
xulrunner-1.9 Section web
geany Section editors

(with DebOverride: override.sid.main in the Codename: sid stanza of

I'll add an example of the override file and configuration to the
grip-overridereplace.pl manpage.


Neil Williams

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