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Re: requesting presentation material for emdebian and tdebs

+++ Jelle de Jong [2009-07-15 17:24 +0200]:
> Wookey wrote:
> > +++ Jelle de Jong [2009-07-14 11:38 +0200]:
> >> Hi all,
> > emdebian/trunk/docs/cblos2009  (workshop format, one half summarising
> >                                 the fosdem stuff)

> Thanks Wookey, I will see if I can make some nice presentation materials
> out of it. Is that workshop format self explaining? 

Not really, no. It has one pdf which is a slideshow giving short
summary of various aspects of emdebian (condensed version of Fosdem
stuff), and another which is the set of command people need to type to
work through a demonstration of the various aspects (this needs some
preparation of chroots and apt-caches or a very fast network
connection to actual do in a real room with more than about 3 people,
and preferably two screens or a handout so people can work at variable

It also assumes a fairly high technical level.

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