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Re: requesting presentation material for emdebian and tdebs

+++ Jelle de Jong [2009-07-14 11:38 +0200]:
> Hi all,
> I will be giving some presentation about emdebian and tdebs the next
> month on two events, and I am gathering some early materials. I want to
> show the purpose of emdebian and what we want to achieve and how we are
> doing it and most important what we need form the rest of the community
> to make it a success.
> Is it possible to update some existing presentation materials and sent
> them to me?

recent presentations are all in emdebian SVN:


emdebian/trunk/docs/cblos2009  (workshop format, one half summarising
                                the fosdem stuff)
emdebian/trunk/docs/fosdem2009 (presentations on grip, crush)
being the most recent

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