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Re: Loading emdebian file system on ARM target from USB stick

On Thu, 23 Apr 2009 16:32:41 +0200
hoefle marco <marco.hoefle@nanotronic.ch> wrote:

> > My ARM board AT91SAM9263-EK is running linux that I came with the
> > board as linux demo. It is running from NAND flash and has a jffs2
> > filesystem (not NFS). It is probably running an Angstrom based
> > filesystem. You are right, the NAND flash is partitioned in
> > different partitions for kernel, rootfs etc. So what I have done is
> > (I dont know if I did the right thing), copied the emdebian-arm.tgz
> > on a USB stick, mounted it on the board running linux and gave
> > command tar -xzpf emdebian-arm.tgz and ./emsecondstage in the
> > folder Emdebian I created. Here is what happened:

> Thats also good. nfs allows you to map a folder of our host PC
> directly into your embedded linux filesystem. So you can exchange
> data verrry conveniently between target board and host PC.
> I had this keyring error as well, it is not nice to have this error
> but my board worked afterwards. Maybe an Emdebian developer can
> comment this.

Not sure - if gpg continues working after a reboot, it could be a
problem in the installation process.

Another interesting datum point will be whether the error recurs if the
package is reinstalled or upgraded and whether gpg itself works as


Neil Williams

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