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Re: Cross-building toolchain

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On Friday 06 March 2009, Neil Williams wrote:
> Do you need gcc-4.1 for a particular reason?

The .26 Debian kernel for s390 was built using 4.1. I've built newer 
versions with 4.2, but have been seeing errors that look like they might 
be related to gcc, so I'd like to try using the older version.
I understand there were good reasons to stay with 4.1 for kernel builds 
for some arches.

Alternatively I'd like to try with 4.3, but I noticed the 
gcc-4.3-s390-linux-gnu package currently isn't available for amd64.

On Friday 06 March 2009, Neil Williams wrote:
> On Friday 06 March 2009, Frans Pop wrote:
> > http://www.emdebian.org/toolchains/search.php:
> > Timeout on server
> >  Connection was to www.emdebian.org at port 80
> I've not noticed timeout errors before. Glad it was temporary.

I saw later that there were routing problems at my provider, so it was 
probably just that.

There seems to be another minor issue though. I wanted to search for any 
s390 packages, so I typed that in the search box:

This results in a list of non-existing packages with a lot of duplication:

It works fine if I enter the first N characters of a package name.


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