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Emdebian based on Lenny

It seems to me that Emdebian is now being based on Squeeze (or later) rather than Lenny (not even released).
Grip is targeted for Squeeze, and Crush is targeted for Squeeze or later.
Is my understanding correct ???

I would really like to develop based on Lenny debs. If need be, could we have some fork (or "blend"?) of Lenny for Emdebian ??? I just think that Squeeze is going to move way too fast to be able to do reliable/stable development.

Is there any support or use case for using Emdebian Lenny ???
Can we have something like Grip that does not use Tdebs ??? I'm presuming Tdebs is the reason Grip is going to be based on Squeeze.

Thanks for your thoughts, Brendan.

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