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Re: emDebian with Etch

Wookey wrote:
> On 2008-07-15 10:08 +0200, Daniel Endres wrote:
>> Hello mailinglist,
>> i've tried to instal the emdebian-tools package. The problem is, that 
>> I'm using etch and the emdebian-package is only availble for testing and 
>> unstable.
>> Of coures I could install testing/unstable. But I don't want to install 
>> one of these for production purposes.
>> Isn't there any possibility to get the emdebian-tools running under etch ?
> It is probably possible, but not trivial, by backporting newer
> versions of apt, dpkg and assocaited stuff. I have got current
> versions of dpkg, apt, dpkg-corss, apt-cross, libapt-pkg-perl
> backported (which is enough to use apt-cross under etch). I only got
> this working on amd64 so far: the apt backport failed to build on i386.

But.... why?  :)  'Cause you love pain?  :)  :)  Especially if you're after the
cross toolchains themselves.  Just seems like waaaaay more trouble than it's worth.

Sid is a headache at times for me, but overall the benefits have more than
offset the limitations.  And with Lenny just around the corner, the stability
the OP wants from Etch will be here shortly in a configuration that's
out-of-the-box emdeian-compatible.

Do a Sid chroot, run emdebian in that, and then dist-upgrade to Lenny when that
day arrives.  That's my US$0.02 (which, admittedly, isn't worth nearly what it
used to be).

Bill Gatliff

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