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Re: emdebian tools on testing

On Wed, 2008-03-19 at 00:16 +0000, Neil Williams wrote:
> $ emchain -a powerpc -v -v -v 

Can I take this opportunity to ask everyone - whenever you are reporting
problems with any of the emdebian-tools scripts, PLEASE use lots of -v
options (--verbose) FIRST. The resulting output can show you exactly
what has gone wrong.

emdebian-tools tries to be quiet (almost silent) when requested (for
autobuilders) and is normally fairly quiet (for users familiar with
normal operations) but it supports multiple layers of verbosity. (Some
of the higher levels can be quite overwhelming, particularly apt-cross).
Verbosity options to one program are also passed down to other programs
called by the script. Some tools also support direct logging to files
(emchain for one).

Most scripts support at least:
script -q
script -v
script -v -v
script -v -v -v

One or two tools support a further levels of verbosity beyond that as
well. If in doubt, keep adding '-v' until nothing extra is output or you
completely lose track of the output. (!)

(Tip: use '| less'. :-))

Many of the emdebian-tools manpages (and Emdebian Wiki pages) advise
that *everyone* uses at least a single '-v' option to each and every
emdebian-tools command in the normal usage until you are familiar with
how the tools work.

When problems arise, the single best thing you can do is increase the
verbosity again and then again and read the output. Even fatal errors
have extra explanations available with higher verbosity levels. (It's
even multi-coloured to make it easier to tell what is going on - CYAN
for settings affecting the tools and to show you what the tools are
doing, GREEN for things that will change things on your system (like
apt-get source) or have changed as a result of the actions of the tool
and RED for errors - generally fatal.)

emdebian-tools has supported a reportbug script for some time but it
hasn't been used yet - problems always end up on this list instead.

(reportbug-ng is brain-dead in this regard - it does not process these
scripts despite the maintainer being bugged about by lots of people on
multiple occasions, so use plain reportbug.)

It is useful to post the info that the reportbug script would collect
too and, actually, it is more useful to me if all problems that would
end up on the list actually get to the BTS (instead or as well, I don't
mind). The BTS is easier to follow than a mailing list where lots of
other issues are also being discussed.

Things will be easier for everyone (especially me) if the existing
support in the tools is used more widely and if problems actually result
in bugs that I can track independently of mailing list threads. Please
use the existing support.


Neil Williams

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