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Re: emdebian tools on testing

On 2008-03-18 09:02 +1100, Brendan Simon wrote:
> 2) I have been concentrating on trying to get gcc-4.3 or gcc-4.2 or 
> gcc-4.1 installed.  I'm sure I have had them installed before, but maybe 
> that was from the SLIND repository.

I believe that 4.1 and 4.2 are currently installable on testing. (It
seems to be OK on both my boxes currently (I installed a couple of
weeks back), but there is obviously continuous flux. What is going
wrong for you?

> For some reason I had been ignoring the gcc-3.x series.  I tried to 
> install gcc-3.4-powerpc-linux-gnu and that succeeded, so at least there 
> is one powerpc cross compiler available, even though its not the latest 
> or greatest.

Still useful.

> BTW, are the SLIND cross-tools an Emdebian build?  using emchain, etc ??

No. SLIND build their own cross-toolchains. The changes to debian
sources are generally the same though - they are developed from the
same root work and cross-pollinate heavily.

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