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Re: emdebian tools on testing

Neil Williams wrote:
On Wed, 2008-03-19 at 10:04 +1100, Brendan Simon wrote:
OK. I removed all unstable packages from my testing box.
I figured testing was more "stable" and that not much gets through to testing unless it has passed critical builds on the main architectures (powerpc being one).

I installed (from testing repo) emdebian-tools (0.8.0) and build-deps for gcc-4.2.

You will come up against bugs that were fixed in 0.8.x by using the
version currently in testing (as always when using testing for anything,
the bugs are always fixed in unstable and testing users need to wait for
the migration).
I misunderstood how emchain worked. I thought that the package versions were hard coded in the emchain script. eg. gcc-4.3 in emchain/unstable and gcc-4.2 in emchain/testing. I now know that is incorrect :)

powerpc .deb available.  Why is emchain telling me it is not
available. Is it looking in unstable for some reason? I will try the --force option, but I shouldn't need to, given all the pieces are in place. Yes ???

No, they are not all in place and there are known bugs in 0.8.0.

Try changing the targetsuite in ~/.apt-cross/emsource
I tried changing /etc/emsource.conf and ~/.apt-cross/emsource to have "targetsuite: testing" but still emchain was looking at unstable. It was emchain/testing (0.8.0) so I will install emchain/unstable (0.8.5) and maybe that will work better :)

Thanks, Brendan.

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