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Re: emdebian tools on testing

Wookey wrote:
I believe that 4.1 and 4.2 are currently installable on testing. (It
seems to be OK on both my boxes currently (I installed a couple of
weeks back), but there is obviously continuous flux. What is going
wrong for you?

OK. I removed all unstable packages from my testing box. I installed (from testing repo) emdebian-tools (0.8.0) and build-deps for gcc-4.2.
emsetup says there are no toolchains so try using emchain.
emchain says that 2.7-6 of libc6 has not succesfully build on powerpc, and that the only version available is 2.7-9. This does not seem to be correct. The version of libc6 in testing is 2.7-6 and there is a powerpc .deb available. Why is emchain telling me it is not available. Is it looking in unstable for some reason? If so, why? and how can I make it work correctly. I will try the --force option, but I shouldn't need to, given all the pieces are in place. Yes ???

Thanks, Brendan.

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