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Re: Innovating apt-get to become future ready - Phase X - 26-02-2008 - v0.1.1j

Jelle de Jong wrote:
Jelle de Jong wrote:
Neil Williams wrote:
On Tue, 2008-02-26 at 21:31 +0100, Jelle de Jong wrote:
Hello all,

I went to fosdem 2008 in Brussels to brainstorm about a list of issues around the current deb package management. Talked to Neil Williams about it and came on mutual understanding so I created the below document for you all:


Jelle, can you create a HTML version with the images separately? I'll
host it on my own server for everyone to read more easily.

I tried to use OOo to export to HTML but OOo crashed. :-(

Other pdf conversion tools don't do a particularly good job of it

I can't, yet, find any way to export the images out of the OOo file, nor
the PDF.

Hi Neil,

I will make a html version of it, and share it with you guys. I will see if I can fix my fellowship smart card for signing, I think its broken.

Kind regards,


Here we go: with xhtml pages exported from OOo and png files for the images and a pdf version.


Kind regards,


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