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Innovating apt-get to become future ready - Phase X - 26-02-2008 - v0.1.1j

Hello all,

I went to fosdem 2008 in Brussels to brainstorm about a list of issues around the current deb package management. Talked to Neil Williams about it and came on mutual understanding so I created the below document for you all:


For the people that don't now me yet, let me introduce myself. My name is Jelle de Jong and I have been working on lots of Linux related project for 3 years now. I have done background work on fedora, xubuntu, ubuntu and debian. I have been active on marketing, I do forum support, create bash scripts, created some software patches, I help with Linux student projects, and am doing project management. My occupation is embedded hard- en software development, project management and loads of surrounding tasks. I have a bachelor degree in engineering (micro electronic system design) and am doing an evening studie in business science.

I am curios on all the feedback and am hoping we can work on a good maintainable mainstream solutions. (my English as some improving points, so please sent a me an improved version of the document if you found some issues)

Kind regards,


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