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Re: Default target suite debconf question

On 2007-10-16 16:41 +0100, Neil Williams wrote:
> The new apt-cross/emdebian-tools code needs a reliable method of
> identifying the suite to use when comparing versions, downloading
> cross-dependencies during a build and selecting toolchain packages.
> The default should be unstable, in line with Debian where the default
> build suite for all uploads is sid. Codenames need to be static and
> support all cross-building architectures so I've chosen 'unstable',
> 'testing' and 'stable' as the debconf selections. How this relates to
> Ubuntu is unknown - the toolchains are built for Debian and may or may
> not be installable on any particular Ubuntu flavour.
> I'm unsure how to phrase the debconf question:
> _Description: Build packages against Debian unstable?
>  emdebian-tools follows Debian by defaulting to building against
>  unstable. This setting determines the versions of libraries and
>  packages linked against the cross-built emdebian packages.
> That's probably insufficient help.
> Improvements welcome.

OK. How about:
_Description: Which suite (e.g. unstable) should we build packages against?
 This setting determines the versions of libraries and
 packages use to build cross-built emdebian packages.
 emdebian-tools defaults to taking those packages from unstable, (as in
 normal Debian uploads). If you want to build against testing or
 stable instead, then change this setting.

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