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Default target suite debconf question

The new apt-cross/emdebian-tools code needs a reliable method of
identifying the suite to use when comparing versions, downloading
cross-dependencies during a build and selecting toolchain packages.

The default should be unstable, in line with Debian where the default
build suite for all uploads is sid. Codenames need to be static and
support all cross-building architectures so I've chosen 'unstable',
'testing' and 'stable' as the debconf selections. How this relates to
Ubuntu is unknown - the toolchains are built for Debian and may or may
not be installable on any particular Ubuntu flavour.

I'm unsure how to phrase the debconf question:

_Description: Build packages against Debian unstable?
 emdebian-tools follows Debian by defaulting to building against
 unstable. This setting determines the versions of libraries and
 packages linked against the cross-built emdebian packages.

That's probably insufficient help.

Improvements welcome.


Neil Williams

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