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Re: developing .deb packages for embedded systems

hi Neil,

   when i do apt-get install emdebian-tools it searches in  the ubuntu
repository. And reports a broken link.
So could you please tell me what lines to add in /etc/apt/sources.list, so
that i can get it from emdebian repository.


Neil Williams-4 wrote:
> On Wed, 26 Sep 2007 05:47:58 -0700 (PDT)
> varun_shrivastava <varun.celunite@gmail.com> wrote:
>> hi,
>>  i m working on a project which develops linux based OS for embedded
>> devices.
>> Uptill now we have not dpkg'ed any of our code. But now we planning to
>> move
>> to dpkg'ing all of our code.
> Have you looked at emdebian-tools?
>> As i can't use already available .deb packages, i have to start every
>> thing
>> from scratch.
> You could use the Emdebian .deb packages. IMHO this is your main
> problem - you NEED to use the already available .deb packages (as your
> source) in order to cross-build sensible .deb packages because a .deb
> is not just a wrapper around upstream 'make install', it is a powerful
> format that has multiple ways of handling upstream.
> You can't "bolt-on" dpkg as if it was just an option to tar or
> automake. Doing all the "debianising" of upstream AFTER cross-building
> is simply re-inventing the wheel. The Debian .deb is known to compile
> natively on the Debian architectures and produce a usable .deb - using
> the source that generates that .deb (including the patches used by
> Debian) means that you end up with a usable cross-built .deb. During
> the cross-build, you can make whatever adjustments you want to the
> source to build a smaller package or drop certain features etc.
> Use 'apt-get source' instead of 'wget upstream_url.tar.gz' - use
> emdebian-tools.
>> We use scratchbox as cross compilation tool. 
> To build a .deb, you should be using debian cross-compilation tools -
> dpkg-cross and debhelper.
>> Any advice regarding where to start with will be helpful
> It's very difficult to go from upstream source to a .deb in any
> "standard" or "automated" manner. Each package requires customised
> debian packaging and that already exists in the native package. Far
> easier to start off with debian packages as your source and use the
> Debian packaging to assist in creating a customised .deb. That is what
> emdebian-tools is intended to do.
> Quite how that fits in with scratchbox I have no idea - Riku?
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> Neil Williams
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