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Re: Proposal: remove man and info entries from dh config files

On Sun, 29 Jul 2007 23:12:49 +0200
"Peter Kahle" <pkahle@pobox.com> wrote:

> > It all depends on how intrusive you want to get and where, but for the
> > packages where I have had to modify the /rules for embedded builds, I
> > have begun using the convention of 'DEB_BUILD_OPTIONS = weakpolicy' to
> > mean the package build should ignore all policy related to installing
> > documentation, and only install the binary files required for execution.
> > In many cases you can just not call the particular dh_* commands related
> > to docs rather than modifying the files they read.

As emdebian-tools shows, sometimes (in fact quite often with the
packages built so far), this is insufficient.

> As an interested outsider, I wonder if the easiest thing to do, in the case
> of dh_* commands related to docs might be to provide a wrapper around the
> original dh_* that either checks the actual path of the file and passes on
> to the real command (for dh_install, for example) or just returns (for
> dh_installdoc, dh_installinfo, dh_installman(pages), etc.) by modifying the
> path to include the emdebian versions to be found before the real versions
> during a build. That way, packages that use debhelper are pretty much
> "automatically" fixed to exclude their docs when building under emdebian,
> with no change to the primary Debian packaging.

That is exactly what emdebian-tools already do.

The results are:

1. CDBS packages work almost always first time.

2. debhelper packages often contain (broken) hacks that get in the way
because most maintainers using debhelper don't use *only* debhelper.

3. Other packages that use dpkg directly break noisily.
> Also, on the changelog info that's been talked about in another thread,
> could something similar to debchange be used to include the append the em1,

Again, emdebian-tools has been doing this since v0.0.1.

> Anyway, like I said, interested observer, but not active participant. Hope
> the feedback is helpful, and I do monitor the list, so let me know if you
> have any questions.



Neil Williams

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