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Re: Patch: grep 2.5.1.ds2-6em2

On 2007-07-23 21:00 +0100, Neil Williams wrote:
> 3. Previously, all such contributions have been handled by simply
> allowing SVN commit access but the idea was to divide the current
> access into SVN-only and Emdebian-developer access. Unfortunately, this
> has not yet been implemented. Wookey (project lead) is currently on
> vacation and he normally organises access to the Emdebian machines.

Actually I'm still around until friday. If sorting out an acocunt for
Chun-kin is the most efficient way to proceed then lets do that (send
me an ssh key and logon name).

Eventually we will need a more granular system for access control and
sending in patches, but right now there is no real need for it - just 
join the team.

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