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Re: Patch: grep 2.5.1.ds2-6em2

On Fri, 20 Jul 2007 13:01:06 -0700
"Chuan-kai Lin" <cklin@google.com> wrote:

> Hi all,
> I am a DD working for Google as an intern this summer, and part of my work
> there involves building (and fixing up) emdebian packages.  This is the
> first of hopefully a series of fixes that I will be contributing back to
> emdebian.

Thanks! Just bear in mind that Emdebian doesn't have a formal Policy
right now and a lot of things are still undocumented. Straight away,
I've noticed a few issues with how this first package was built which
indicate areas that need to be documented and clarified. Hopefully, we
can work together to create some documentation on just how Emdebian
packages should be built.

> This patch fixes the problem where the emdebian grep 2.5.1.ds2-6em1 package
> builds successfully, but all the built packages are essentially empty.

One or two problems with the patch:

1. Copyright Google ? With no declaration that this is actually under
the same licence as the package itself, a bare Copyright line is
unacceptable - it implies All Rights Reserved.

2. What is this patch against? The emdebian patch files? If so, what is
this line all about:
-include /usr/share/cdbs/1/rules/debhelper.mk
em_make replaces that line with the Emdebian debhelper makefile but
that file is still necessary.

3. The changes to debian/rules don't use the debhelper routines nor the
normal CDBS methods. We need to avoid manual 'cp' rules at all costs -
these cause problems for us in other packages, there is no reason to
use them ourselves.

4. The current Emdebian version was built with an old version of
emdebian-tools, there need to be a few updates to quite a few of the
old packages. (i.e. we need a package autobuilder).

Thanks for spotting the problems with the grep package - I'll sort it
out at this end. Got a few other things to sort out first to do with
fixes in apt-cross stopping emlocale from working properly.

I'll come back to grep soon.


Neil Williams

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