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Emdebian minimal RootFS

I wrote a little script to try to calculate any missing dependencies,
add up the download and installation sizes and compare with Debian.
These are the results (with a few comments):

Need to run 'emsource gcc-4.1'
(edos-debcheck has identified all missing dependencies at all levels of
the installation and determined that only this source package needs to
be built. From this package, we only need libgcc1 and libstdc++6.
gcc-4.1-base is actually an empty package of just documentation so we
can drop that entirely.

Emdebian target packages (arm):

busybox 	Download: 301kb 	Installed: 568kb
base-files 	Download: 19kb 		Installed: 312kb
cdebconf 	Download: 56kb 		Installed: 228kb
dpkg 		Download: 257kb 	Installed: 728kb
apt 		Download: 598kb 	Installed: 1616kb
libc6 		Download: 3997kb 	Installed: 10108kb
base-passwd 	Download: 10kb 		Installed: 56kb
initscripts 	Download: 29kb 		Installed: 304kb
login 		Download: 47kb 		Installed: 192kb
		Download: 44kb 		Installed: 180kb
passwd 		Download: 267kb 	Installed: 940kb
sysvinit 	Download: 45kb 		Installed: 232kb
sysv-rc 	Download: 7kb 		Installed: 100kb
libpopt0 	Download: 14kb 		Installed: 52kb

Debian versions.

busybox 	Download: 308kb 	Installed: 553kb
base-files 	Download: 39kb 		Installed: 372kb
cdebconf	Download: 135kb 	Installed: 404kb
dpkg 		Download: 1991kb 	Installed: 6284kb
apt 		Download: 1450kb 	Installed: 4416kb
libstdc++6 	Download: 288kb 	Installed: 946kb
libc6 		Download: 4525kb 	Installed: 10596kb
base-passwd 	Download: 35kb 		Installed: 144kb
initscripts 	Download: 57kb 		Installed: 380kb
login 		Download: 777kb 	Installed: 2928kb
		Download: 79kb 		Installed: 300kb
passwd 		Download: 757kb 	Installed: 2404kb
sysvinit 	Download: 103kb 	Installed: 272kb
sysv-rc 	Download: 54kb 		Installed: 264kb
libgcc1 	Download: 16kb 		Installed: 42kb
libpopt0 	Download: 31kb 		Installed: 152kb
gcc-4.1-base 	Download: 193kb 	Installed: 224kb

The missing packages, if taken straight from Debian would add:
Missing Install=1232kb
Missing download=484kb

Using Debian versions (without accounting for any extra dependencies
that the Debian packages would require):
Debian Install total=30Mb
Debian Download total=10Mb

Our versions (with libgcc1 and libstdc++6 to make an installable set):
Emdebian Install total=15Mb
Emdebian Download total=5Mb
(the majority of that is libc6)

To be able to install the packages from Debian, this set is necessary:
busybox base-files cdebconf dpkg apt libstdc++6 libc6 base-passwd
initscripts login module-init-tools passwd sysvinit sysv-rc libgcc1
libpopt0 libgcc1 gcc-4.1-base mount libselinux1 awk lsb-base
libpam-modules libpam0g coreutils debian-archive-keyring libatk1.0-0
libcap1 gnupg libldap2 libdb4.3 libusb-0.1-4 libgnutls13 gpgv
libgcrypt11 makedev libgpg-error0 liblzo1

Those would bump the set up to:
Debian Install total=47Mb
Debian Download total=17Mb

Emdebian Install total=15Mb
Emdebian Download total=5Mb

So, overall, almost a 33% reduction.

My iPAQ has 64Mb so there should still be plenty of room for a kernel
and GPE.


(Familiar 0.84 leaves about 7Mb free after a full install.)

The emdebian set does not contain a replacement for
debian-archive-keyring because gnupg brings in so many dependencies
(and doesn't yet build in Emdebian). This means we lose secure-apt at
the rootfs stage but that can always be added later for devices that
can support it. (Familiar does not.)

Using a "normal" Debian minimal bootstrap system would add perl by
replacing cdebconf with debconf, bumping the minimum size even higher
(closer to 100Mb).

Any help on getting gcc-4.1 to cross-compile would be appreciated - I'm
looking to create a package with specs:
build=amd64|i386|powerpc ; host=arm ; target=arm.


Neil Williams

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