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Re: Emdebian minimal RootFS

On 2007-05-07 21:55 +0100, Neil Williams wrote:
> I wrote a little script to try to calculate any missing dependencies,
> add up the download and installation sizes and compare with Debian.
> These are the results (with a few comments):

> Using Debian versions (without accounting for any extra dependencies
> that the Debian packages would require):
> Debian Install total=30Mb
> Debian Download total=10Mb
> Our versions (with libgcc1 and libstdc++6 to make an installable set):
> Emdebian Install total=15Mb
> Emdebian Download total=5Mb
> (the majority of that is libc6)
> To be able to install the packages from Debian, this set is necessary:
> busybox base-files cdebconf dpkg apt libstdc++6 libc6 base-passwd
> initscripts login module-init-tools passwd sysvinit sysv-rc libgcc1
> libpopt0 libgcc1 gcc-4.1-base mount libselinux1 awk lsb-base
> libpam-modules libpam0g coreutils debian-archive-keyring libatk1.0-0
> libcap1 gnupg libldap2 libdb4.3 libusb-0.1-4 libgnutls13 gpgv
> libgcrypt11 makedev libgpg-error0 liblzo1
> Those would bump the set up to:
> Debian Install total=47Mb
> Debian Download total=17Mb
> vs
> Emdebian Install total=15Mb
> Emdebian Download total=5Mb
> So, overall, almost a 33% reduction.

That's actually a 68% reduction. The size is 32% of the old size. :-)

And in fact, can you actually make a busybox-based debian rootfs in
practice - I don't think the dependencies will allow it? 

So another relevant comparison is with a straightforward arm
debootstrap rootfs, which is 120MB, (with the size-doubling apt-cache
thrown away), which shrinks to 74MB if you throw away all of
/usr/share/doc and most of zoneinfo (which produces a mostly-working
but less-bloated fs). 

That would be an 87% reduction. (although we are missing some useful
things like perl). 

Wookey (who is currently poorly :-( )
Principal hats:  Balloonz - Toby Churchill - Aleph One - Debian

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